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Monday, 19 March 2012

The folks back home

Let me tell you a story about my mum and dad. I love my parents and I have so much respect for them but the truth is this: they are the two most codependent people I know. It's such a fairy tale thing to hear nowadays and I should be grateful because my parents are even together (I can just feel the collective "you son of a bitch!" exiting the mouths of children whose parents' marital status [stati?] isn't all that swell) which is actually really sad if you think about it, or not think about at all, but because it's my parents I can't help but shout "oh get a room!" every time.

I'm not even kidding , there is not a single time when we leave the house without both my mum and dad in the car. It's like they've completely merged into a single entity or something. My grandma even calls us a troupe. A TROUPE! All because we always travel in packs. You will never find an occasion beside work where they will attend an event, no matter how minuscule, without each other. And here's the thing, sometimes I  leave for school with mum and in the morning, around 2 hours after my dad leaves for work he will call mum and ask check up on her and vice versa. What is she up to? WHAT is she up to? Not a single thing has changed since you last saw her. She didn't magically mutate a 3rd arm, she didn't suddenly win the lotto, she didn't miraculously find the cure to cancer within the last 120 minutes you were apart! At this point, it's got to be a joke they're playing on me right? Wrong. That's just how their lives are apparently.

I know you're probably thinking "oh how sweet of them to still love each other that much after 20 something years together" (and if your minds have not decided that I'm the worst child ever, this next fact certainly will convince you, I don't know how long they've been married. Hell, it's difficult enough to keep track of how old I am) but you're not the one who has to live through it with them. I do. I have to see it and listen to it and live it almost every single day of my life. I'm not entirely sure if I'm just a hormonal bitch at this very moment or if I'm a hormonal bitch with reason at this very moment but happy belated anniversary mum and dad, here's to another lifetime of checking up on each other every 10 minutes!

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