"There is no aspect, no facet, no moment of life that can't be improved with pizza."

Past Thoughts

Thoughts on Myself

With a queer propensity for profanities, Anonimose is a somewhat mysterious figure of whom very little is known. That is other than the fact that she can not actually spell the word Anonymous right or that Anonimose is in fact not her real name, how absurd! (Can you imagine the kind of childhood one must put up with had their names been Anonimose?) Thinking about it, however, is it even possible to know much about anything at all? Who are we? What purpose do we serve in this universe? Why do people do bad things like create sequels to Universal Soldier?

She enjoys movies, art, music, and many other pretentious things like life. Conversely, she does not enjoy beet juice or people who bother her with questions like "so, what did you have for lunch?"

But more importantly,

How are you today?