"There is no aspect, no facet, no moment of life that can't be improved with pizza."

Past Thoughts

Thoughts of Others

A list of sites or blogs that I like to visit to enrich myself with knowledge and lulz, none of which are affiliated with me or anyone I personally know.

101 Books (reviews of 101 books AND MORE!)
Art of the Title (analyses of opening titles in films etc) (the art genome project)
Attack of the Cute (an assortment of adorable animal photos)
E-mails from an A**hole (obviously a compilation of heart-warming e-mails sent by this guy whenever he sees weird ads on craigslist)
Geo Guessr (test out your high school geography and explore the world in the safety of your mum's dark basement)
Hard Truths from Soft Cats (a compilation of drawings of soft cats telling you hard truths)
Hark, a Vagrant (a webcomic on a lot of historical/literary figures)
I Write Like (you think you're an original one of a kind? ha! see which writers you're [sub]consciously imitating)
I Waste So Much Time (check out the site header for classic games like snake and space invaders etc)
Le Petit Echo Malade (it's an art blog i think?)
Losing All Hope Was Freedom (the guy behind the youtube channel of the same name)
My Cardboard Life (a collage-esque webcomic)
Open Culture (just everything...)
PBS Off Book (the youtube channel, explains art, culture and the interweb for hipsters and dummies alike)
Project Gutenberg (a bunch of e-books)
RSAnimates (the youtube channel, fascinating concepts in drawing)
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cartoons (just a very clever webcomic)
seanwes (traditional typography)
SoulPancake (a community where you can ponder the stuff of life, it's like chicken soup for the soul, only it's pancake) (a bunch of infographics)
Zen Pencils (inspirational quotes turned comics)

The growth of this list is as inevitable as our individual and collective demise as a people.

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