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Friday, 23 March 2012


Hear ye, hear ye! This is an official announcement on my raising the white flag.

It's simple logic that if you like to draw, you should love drawing a thousand pictures but the harsh reality is not as simple. Animation is wonderful, but it is also exhausting. People would say to me that I should downgrade if it really is that difficult to make the intricate things I want to make because people don't understand what this means to me. The things I create are my legacy, they were things that I dedicated time and effort to make so I can't settle because the thought of creating something that I won't love and then having to look at it later on in life disgusts me. I'm not asking you to respect what I'm doing because let's face it, it's no Pixar and I'm not saving lives but I do ask that you forgive me and understand how difficult it was to make this decision of abandoning the project.

My life is pretty simple, it is filled with simple, nonsensical problems that might not compare to yours so the smallest exposure to real life problems is enough to make me go completely mad. Almost like a child and whisky..

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