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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Crossing the list, checking it twice

First thing to cross out from 2012's to-do-list:
Learn to play Moon River on the guitar (not the chords) Huzzah!

Everything else just seems kind of anticlimactic after that announcement but if anyone is interested, I got back from Jambi, which is a wonderful place with beautifully ornate governmental buildings, stilt houses, Buddhist temples and untouched swamp areas into which you could boat ride (albeit not safely but 'safe' is such a subjective term!), Community will start airing today and I don't know why I'm excited about this considering I'm still just finishing the first season.

And I realised why I hate whatever it is society expects me to be doing:

Fun graphs are fun!
I mean what the blithering shit is that!

Exams are coming up and all I can think about is drawing something amazing on my bedroom walls.

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