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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Soundtracks of My Life

LOL if only... if only....

If you would, spare 3 minutes of your life to listen to this song, for me. It's such a beautiful piece, so beautiful it makes me wish my life was an Academy award nominee for best picture, starring a powerhouse cast with a Tom Ford wardrobe and saturated, grainy shots every now and then. But only because I'm dissatisfied with my own right now.

Last year my definition of freedom is the ability to do something you have a passion for and just be happy about, and now I'm just indecisive about what I want in life that I'm contemplating it over a glass or water --because as poetic a glass of bourbon across a fireplace might be, I can't afford that jeez! So for the moment, I want my life to be like a movie, filled with crap but you know everything will come through in the end. I need that idea of security.

But if you're not into something depressingly beautiful,
Because I watch 80s music videos when I feel down, so come on, come on do the loco motion with me!

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