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Friday, 11 March 2011

Oh those days...

Isn't it weird how when we get older everything we see in the world is suddenly not as peachy as it was? There's not one moment where I don't giggle when someone says 'screwing on a bolt good' and frankly, I am appalled! I remember when I was little and we once drove past an adult toy shop I used to think it had advanced legos, you know the ones you need to built the robotic legos you see on tv? I kept saying to my parents how we should stop and go there because I'm a big girl and I can handle my motorised legos! And now I understand how awkward that sentence would've sounded to them 'WHO TOLD YOU ABOUT THE MOTORISED LEGOS??!!!'

What's weirder is that somehow the roles have reversed and I found myself sitting on the couch watching Call Me Fitz and there was this bit about one of the characters writing down a list of things he wanted to do before he dies, the last thing on the list was 'anal' when suddenly mum, who looked kind of awkward, asked me in a hushed tone 'what does that mean?' --because we're not an swell English speaking bunch o' folks. How the hell did we end up there? Or more importantly, what the hell was I supposed to say to her? 'Yes, mother, I suppose you are in that stage of life where you wonder about strange things. You see, when two adults love each other very much...'?? Shall I draw you a picture? What?

The conversation eventually came to an end, thank God, and we both have moved past that kerfuffle but I'll tell you what I wouldn't give to go back to thinking about motorised legos being parts you need to build a lego car or crane. To go back to the days where I didn't think that the Washington monument should have been called the Bill Clinton monument. Sex education screwed me up!!! (tee hee hee) But no, planned parenthood is important government of the United States, look what Indonesia has become when they pulled the plug a while back. Ka Boom! If you get ma drift..

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