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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Affirmative Action

You know I think affirmative action is such a funny thing --not quite as funny as little cartoon though-- because it's supposed to be there to even out the field but it's actually the opposite. You end up with reverse discrimination which is still discrimination nevertheless. If you want a society that runs on equality then base everything on competence. Don't hire people because of the colour of their skin, hire them because they're good, the best. I think people will be that much happier when they realise they weren't just a tax lift requirement.. then again in this economy everyone is sort of game with anything. I say this, fully aware that I will most likely be out of any job I apply for if affirmative action doesn't exist. Le sob. There needs to be meaning to girl power right?

Something else I've noticed is how the internet is so much more interesting when you're procrastinating!! It's downright amazing...

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