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Monday, 6 September 2010

5 things I learnt during the first week of college:

1. Nobody seems to like the idea of elevators which explains why the busting of one's knees has grown to be a highly popular extra curricular activity.

2. Translated textbooks are bad because lots of things can get misinterpreted by the translator which is precisely why we should have the untrained, incapable minds of freshmen to interpret crazy ass vocab we never have but will encounter in those bricklike (read: having the density and weight of a dozen bricks) textbooks.

3. Toga parties --like sexy English professors and apparently Nessy-- is a lie!

4. College, filled with impressionable, disposable, young people who breed by the dozens, is the perfect cultivating ground for an army of demonstrators who fight against shit the establishment decide for the sake of 'making use of democracy and the freedom of expression'.

5. Independent learning is practically the approach of pushing students off a 20 story ledge, into shark, sea monster and weird yellow sponges who laughs obnoxiously and makes you want to tear your ears apart infested water without first teaching them the basic principles of swimming like not breathing in the water because you may then die from suffocation.

Besides the fact that I have NO IDEA what endogenous variables are or how one can find the marginal cost of a model, I have had quite a blast. This may soon change as soon as we approach our mid semester exams.

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