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Monday, 24 May 2010

Don't Have a Cow.. Seriously Man

A traumatizing picture in an unsuspected time is all you really need to stop something. I saw Fast Food Nation a few nights ago, damn did that make me think. I almost couldn't sleep after that. When I saw the title come on the tv I thought it would be about the synthetic ingredients they put in fast foods or how fast the number of obesity is growing in the US or how it affects our dieting habits as a community. I think you should give this to me though, unlike Jaws that had a picture of a tiger shark on the cover so going into the film meant that you know fully well that it was a movie with killer sharks, this movie however.. I never got to see the cover if it gave any hints. The first few minutes of the film was about illegal immigrants crossing over how the hell was I supposed to know it was going to show the kill floor? Plus the censor thing at the start of the movie didn't give any warnings whatsoever.

I suppose I should have seen it coming when Greg Kinnear's character was told that he was never shown the whole meat factory -the kill floor part anyway. But I thought they were never going to show it to us either.

So anyway, at the end of the movie they showed the slaughtering of the cows. The shooting of the defenseless animals' heads, the cutting of the throats and body, the guts, the blood.. oh the blood.... and now I will never be able to eat meat without seeing those images again in my mind. Unless I block it out like so many childhood memories.. but that would make me another one of those ignorant fools. I have decided that I cannot eat meat. Poultry and seafood I can still eat partly because I've never seen them get slaughtered.. yet but also because turkey is a poultry and fish is supposed to be good for you.

Guess what? YOU WIN PETA!!!! I hope you're happy........

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