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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

A Son of Film

It's not an anniversary of his birth or death but I was browsing pictures of James Dean and stumbled across this one picture:

[on a random note, I absolutely think his jacket is divine...]

the text underneath, "Dreams as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today" was so bittersweet in the sense that it was powerful and inspiring but at the same time, so sad. I can only imagine how many dreams he left behind and unfulfilled. Despite that, I think he was the kind of man who lived everyday to the fullest and perhaps had no regrets even so the life he left behind was his and exactly how he wanted it to be. But then I see his face in this and more pictures of him, he always had this sad look on his face, so fragile and weak almost broken. I actually noticed this when I drew a portrait of him and it ended up looking like he was pissed (although that's only one of many, many mistakes I made) and thought there was something wrong with the picture, and it was his eyes. I imagine him to be a person as -if not more complex as the characters he portrayed on film.

So anyways, he is one of my heroes now, I pray his soul rests peacefully and by all that is good, God forbid that if one day another biopic was to be made on him, Robert Pattinson does not play him. Now I'm off to stop complaining over what is not and make the most of what I have, also I think I will once again destroy pictures of people I admire with my poor graphiting skillz.

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