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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Target Locked!

I suddenly remembered that episode of Oprah about the guy who holds the record of most weight lost and gained in the shortest amount of time. So you know how I'm trying to gain more weight by the end of the school year? (probably not) I was thinking right, If so many of these people who target to lose their weight in say 3-6 months end up screwing it over by binge eating again when they've reached their goals, maybe I would do the same. I mean, it really is pretty dangerous and unstable to do such diets, you can end up being worse off than you started.

So if people start eating tremendously as a reward when they've lost the targeted amount of weight, what if I end up starving myself when I reach the weight that I wanted? Because I'd feel like I've accomplished something so great that I would feel like I deserved a reward or something... It's possible you know that I say to myself "That's enough eating now, I can stop!". Not that I starve myself for fun on a regular basis to begin with but you know, Seeing the pattern people go through, I don't actually know anyone who has been on a fat diet. It's kind of creepy thinking about it.

I'm also thinking that the whole thing might just be to justify my not eating after I become a starving college student. That's horrible! What's even more horrible is that I'm worrying over something so retarded and trivial when so many people have bigger problems.

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