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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Dying Languages

People are saying how so many languages are getting forgotten due to globalisation and what not, like traditional languages of certain smaller tribes in the world which might I add are conveniently located in an isolated areas! But if you ask me, I think English might be one on the verge of extinction.

If you would only have the time to look at the things people say on the internet, tell me that more than 50% are using proper grammar and spelling! We all know that's not true.. with all these text lingos like LOL (apparently some people use it 'IRL' to substitue laughter and say lawl.. what happened to laughing? Is ha ha too much work or something?), BRB, OMG and the list goes on. And don't get me started on the use of weird symbols or numbers for letter, (I have no respect for people who use currency as a part of their names kedollarha!). Seriously though, I think that a whole breed of illiterate children are being produced and will continue to do so! And it's voluntary illiteracy, not the normal ones we all feel saddened by.

And another thing is the word 'ain't' is that even a word actually? I really never knew, I don't even know what it means anymore since people basically use it in any sentence. I ain't doing that, you ain't the boss of me, ain't nothin' to it, this show ain't ain't..

It's ironic really, one of the world's most spoken language is dying as we speak. Shakespeare is probably rolling around, crying in his grave. Where art the literates of to day? It's sad... just sad

Maybe if I give some kid a book for their birthday they might just text me: OMG ur rly giving me a b00k? srsly? Maybe I should just get them dictionaries or something.

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