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Past Thoughts

Monday, 26 April 2010

Dream, dream, dream, dreeeeeeaaaam...

The announcement for the final exams was today and to be frank, I was more excited that Family Guy was returning to good ol' television tonight, sometimes I wonder how my priorities have not failed me. Yours truly shall no longer be captive of the prison of the mind also known as school and all shackles have been broken, may I say how delicious freedom tastes. Actually the struggle is only just beginning concerning I live in a country where you can't have proper jobs unless you go to college and I have not been accepted anywhere since I have not applied anywhere also. I'm starting to think that I'm taking things way too slow but then again, life is but a dream, let us just enjoy it until we wake up from needing to pee. So right now, I wish to just sit back, watch the slowly moving clouds and drift away into a world of slumber. Let's pretend that I haven't been doing that all my life and applaud my brashness instead of calling me a no good deadbeat.

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