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Thursday, 6 May 2010

I got nothing..

As I browsed through pictures of pretty dresses and Tom Ford's wonderfully pink tuxedo coat at the MET gala and noticed how pathetic my life has quickly become over the weeks this afternoon, I was sweating my daily fluids already. I suppose the normal, average homo sapien would walk over to turn the air con on but I chose to just sit there in the heat.

It really has gotten to a ridiculous point actually, I swear it was 40 degrees 2 days ago! My hair has gotten longer and again I've considered just shaving it all off. I suppose again normal people would just get a sensible hair cut or tie their hairs. I did have my hair up mind you, but then I found troubles laying down on the floor for no reason.

The thing with baldness -intentional ones that is, is that it only looks good when you have a perfectly shaped head or i don't know, natalie portman. I on the other hand am just a normal person with God knows how many bumps upon my skull from falling many, many..many times when I was a child. So the mane serves as a mask to hide the lumps and dents I've gathered over the years. I probably won't pull the look off.

Another thing is, the last time I was bald, it took me 3-4 years to grow enough hair to cover the ol' noggin, I don't think I want to risk losing it forever -you know, just incase the whole rule with adult teeth applies to hair, or waiting another 20 years at least to have a full set of hair again.

So what is the point of this post? Nothing like many other posts, it's jsut me trying to ignore the heat yet again, convincing myself to put down the scissors and walk off to turn the air con on instead. It's not environmentally friendly but at least I won't be bald for half a decade again.

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