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Monday, 8 March 2010

They're lurking around in our society...

Racists don't have feelings, they're subhuman! said a certain Mark from a certain television programme.

They really don't you know, I think you need to get rid of all sorts of feelings and sympathy to become a successful racist. It's such hard work yet so many people actually go to the trouble, and THAT, that troubles me.

Living in a place where it's dominated by one race, one culture and has practically no foreigners -when there are any we ridicule it seems unless they're caucasians whom we worship, I found out how dangerous it is to be in such a place. It really does make you prone to becoming a racist yourself. Seeing little to even nobody who is that much different than you and even when there is, you feel obligated to point out what's wrong with them but have not to worry about other people judging you because everyone else is like you. Is this making sense? The situation, to simplify it, is like us versus them where them is a very small minority so people might feel that it's ok to make them feel uncomfortable beecause they have no power to object to you.

To get straight to the point, I'm scared that I might turn into a racist anytime soon, one moment I'm saying how they are subhuman and the next I'm participating in a laugh at some insensitive racial slur. And I think people do that, there are so many racist jokes thrown around these days, I think racists jokes are only ok to laugh at when it is told by the person whose race is being joked about and that's still not necessarily ok. What's worse is, a lot of people proudly flaunt their racist tendencies infront of their offsprings! What kind of example are they trying to give here? I mean sure one can argue, they might see that there is a justification point to being a racist so they don't see it as something totally awful and it's not exactly a problem that their kids follow their example. Seriously though, seriously?? I can't imagine how mad someone must be to think it's ok! Maybe it's because I've had a taste of being a minority (treated well too by the way, wasn't discriminated against or anything) and I saw how it's not a problem what colour your features are, how you talk or where you come from. Does everyone really have to be minorities first before they can understand how horrible racism is? Seriously? And to think we consider ourselves modern being who believe so highly of human rights...

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