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Friday, 12 March 2010

I suppose some clever pun should be here

If my memory has not failed me, the first post -or so I wrote on this blog was a complaint about how long my school skirt was and how it almost killed me, that was some 3 years ago. My how the years go by... It's been bothering me recently (yes recently, for I am a slow little chap you see) and it seems to be bothering people around me even more because they keep asking me what was wrong with my skirt. It's too freaking small ok? I got lazy and stopped running on treadmills (like I ever started) so my arse can't fit in it anymore ok? And I should hope I had grown taller after all those years! Just to describe how odd it all looks, it hangs awkwardly around 3cm from my shoes. So the order from bottom to top goes like this: shoes, socks (slightly), skirt. And I wear them high top shoes to yeah.. get the drift? It's too painful for me to have to describe it any further...

It's a look Tom Hanks pulled off (though in the form of pants) but no, not me. Seriously, it's really awkward. The only thing that can make it even MORE awkward is when it rides up after I sit down, and it happens. The breaking point for this situation actually happened this morning. I was getting ready for school, struggling to get into my skirt and then I hear my mother a-knocking screaming "hurry up!". Does anyone have any idea how demoralizing it is for that to happen? Gosh, parents say the darndest things.

I suppose the rational solution is to just get a new skirt that fits but for me, to buy new uniform when I have less than 3 months left of school is.. It's like losing a war you know? It's like, darn! the school has won and made me buy stuff I don't actually need. How problematic, yet it can be resolved with another simple solution, some please buy me a new skirt. I could actually use my sister's but umm, the pockets are holed. I don't even know how it could happen, I can't imagine what kind of shit she could have put into those but seriously, they're holed in the bottom so everything I put in there just goes right through.

Why is that I'm either too tall or too small? Oh wow, someone please slap me if I ever make a crack at cheesy quotations in cheesy situations (rhymed! awesome!). That's not even true because there must have been a time between these two events where it fitted just right but I just can't seem to remember. I guess you really do take things fo granted, I guess THAT's the real lesson here: DO NOT TAKE NICELY FITTED SKIRTS FOR GRANTED. But then again, it's a hell lot better than having a skirt that can trip you over and ultimately have a car crush you as you fall. I don't know.

On a lighter note, I finished reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and suddenly, my thoughts are narrated (yes narrated) in a rather British accent, yet when I talk it all comes out yankee.. Why?

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mita said...

i put knives in those pockets.
also, i was in your situation too, and i ended up buying a skirt. don't. just sew up the pockets.

(also, i need to read through the looking glass..also, i changed my layout again, spring romance?)