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Friday, 5 March 2010

Curiouser and curiouser

I saw Alice in Wonderland yesterday, it was splendid I thought, but you should really go in not expecting to be like the book. I went in hoping that it wasn't anything like it and for it to make more sense to be honest and I wasn't disappointed. I haven't read the book myself see so that might be the reason why I thought it was bordering on brilliant. Nobody wants to hear me fantard though. I'm just going to say briefly that the costume and set design was fabulous, the computer graphics awesome and the acting just right.

I didn't actually expect an adaptation by a Tim Burton to be so... obvious. The messages in it -self discovery, emancipation and women empowerment was practically spelled out to the audience. Of course I didn't think it was bad because personally, I don't think I would've gotten it had it not been so. I especially loved the tinge of sadness I saw in the red queen because I expected her to be some ruthless, cold hard bitch but rather, she was a woman who still yearns for love. So the sensitive, human side of her appealed to me. The court of phonies I thought was hilarious but again, not the least bit subtle so it took some of the fun from me. Alice who I'm glad wasn't some over the top character who would border on obnoxious as I had expected, toned down all the madness a bitand I found myself liking her when she owned the dormouse over and over again, God! That mouse is such a pain. The White queen however was flamboyant and hypocritical. She tells everyone that being mean is against her vow yet banishes her own sister -who I think turned out like that beacuse she was never loved as a child since all the attantion and care was poured out to her sister out of underland and is left with an ass licking man who is frakishly tall and tried to kill her while shackled and to not be shown any form of love or kindness by anyone ever! Yeah, that's not mean at all madamme.

The Hatter wasn't as mad as I expected either but rather melancholic at times. But still, Johnny Depp never disappoints. The blue, caterpillar with the bong was great as the voice of reason who helped Alice find herself. I fail to understand why he returned to his caterpillar form after metamorphing to his coccoon the last time Alice was there. The Chesire cat wasn't as freaky as Whoopie Goldberg's personification and offered some comic relief. The March Hare though won the movie for me. Oh how I wish to have a march hare now, throwing things at me and rambling jibberish i never understood.

So all in all, it's a great movie to watch. It's not the book in the sense that it's not accurate and not as poetic but still a great movie with marvelous special effects and the works. I kind of want to find the book and read it now. One thing that bothered me though, why didn't anyone know the answer to the riddle the hatter kept rambling on about?

A movie review-ish I know! Next I shall tackle short stories... :|

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