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Saturday, 2 January 2010

Dancing Fireworks

New year's eve was pretty awesome to be honest. Me, mum and dad (the remaining trio of the family, not that anyone died..) went around Jakarta by car. Well sort of, I mean we only drove around the highway and only paid once! WOAH! I fell asleep during the first few minutes after leaving my grandma's house which was pretty disappointing, I was really looking forward to seeing the city lights and the madness that goes around on new year. Actually, the fact that I was so sleepy kind of troubles me, I mean that day I slept for maybe 9-11 hours? That can't be healthy.

Anyway, so I woke up maybe around 11ish? And a lot of people already started blowing up stuff so dad woke me. Plus the car was jammed in crazy traffic. We were probably 15 minutes away from Ancol if there were no traffic. I still think it's ridiculous that there was a traffic jam in the middle of a highway, I mean it's no free way but I would assume it's also free of traffic! It's a pun, at this point I'll take pity laughter. So my eyes were still pretty heavy but then the cars next to ours started shooting off them flares or something so I woke up. Kinda freaky you know? Just waking up and then you hear this popping sound. I wanted to yell out "Air raid!!!!!" but my voice was all cracky and stuff so I didn't.

Then when it was nearing midnight absolutely everyone it seemed started blasting off their fire crackers and fire works and flares you know, the big guns were out. And when I looked out the car window it was like watching some kind of concert. Like on V for Vendetta (lol movie refference.. cool I know) When he was conducting the thing in the beginning where he blew up that tower yeah. Except it was real. Like first a wave of fireworks came from the far right then it just danced its way tot eh left. Then even bigger and grander fireworks came in the far left. More colour, more power it was just so amazing. I wished I had it on tape but the only cameras available were the digital camera that had full memory and I couldn't delete any of them. My phone's camera is out because well, my phone was out. Not charging the battery is part of my Being a Complete Hermit Program.. I wanted to just see it over and over again. This dance of enormous flowers stretching across the skies. And the fact that the highway was so high up meant that we had pretty much a panoramic view of the whole city. It was gorgeous!!!!! Like gently and slowly moving and changing, it was random and unorganized yet it flowed so nicely it felt like one big piece of art I guess. I'm like killing myself for not being able to take pictures or recordings of it, seriously you probably think I sound like a complete tard for obsessing over some firework show but I just loved it so much and I thought it was perhaps one of the few beautiful things I have seen in a really long time. I feel like a child, a happy child mind you!

Here's to a wondrous, fabulous, magnificous 2010 and a less embarrassing new decade which hopefully will be filled with more awareness and love and better music and better clothes and better visual effects and better acting and better firework parties!!!! hell yeahs!

oh also, I so miss the sydney fireworks... I wonder if they had it this year with the heat and what not.. It was such a great memory, I loved standing there watching fireworks next to some drunken man who was calling his mate over the phone using some very vulgar vocabulary and glancing at my dad panicking over it thinking I might learn something from the man. Little did he know that I already such vocabulary and more.

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