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Monday, 4 January 2010

Bleak Future

There is this running gag on calvin and hobbes where calvin is forced to do things he hates by his father and whenever he expresses that hate, his father would say "it builds character". I wish I can find -or really be bothered to find the strips with this theme because it's hilarious. I've always thought that this idea was so brilliant because well, it does, it really does! Misery builds character.

When I read/saw biographies of people -forgot where.. I noticed that almost every single one of them had a really depressing childhood or went through some really hard times. For example Charles M. Schultz grew up during the great depression, Yves Saint Laurent was bullied pretty badly it seems, Helen Keller, Sid Vicious, Leonardo Da Vinci.. And they grew up being super awesome people, well except for maybe Sid, his life still remained pretty bleak, but fabulously bleak! :D Suddenly it hit me that successful people have horrible childhoods! 'Oh crap' my conscience quickly said.

I was looking at some family pictures from eons ago, when I was a wee tot, bald and what not and I looked supper happy. Everything was colourful and just swell you know? Like all sunshine and rainbows you know? I wore yellow almost all the time! Of course slightly because it's a neutral colour and feminists thinks that pink clothing for baby girls are very sexist. So to put it simply, I was a happy child, my childhood was great. It wasn't bleak at all. I asked mum if the whole theory of bleak childhood leading to success was true and she said yes. Cold sweat, cold sweat and my heart beating a few beats and shooting pain in my left arm. No. At this point of my life when I'm completely scared to shits about my future and not knowing where life will take me, this is pretty much like hearing your dad running over your dog you know?

Mum said that when people experienced so much problems and stuff it leads to motivation (and character) while when you live happily, you're so content with the current condition that you lose the spirit to improve and well, gain success. And she was right, I guess.. So there I was, keeping in mind that I had a trouble free life, that I have nothing to complain about really and that my life was anything but miserable. It means all this time no character was built at all! And that my future is destined to be bleak because I'm so contented with what I have and that I have to fight very little to get what I want.

Gee thanks everyone for making my life so great! I think now I'll just sit in the corner and sigh about the horrible life I am destined to have D:


achlambasalamah said...

boo aya dont be emo! (lol boo aya=buaya?)
noone knows your destiny stupid. you have time to make a bright one, unless youve decided to kill yourself in the age of 27.. cheer up! :D

-anonimose- said...

not being emo, it's a waste of my already short life :| also not gonna kill myself, nature will do it for me, its too troublesome for me to commit suicide.

shut up ayam! iya! kata nyokap gw ga dipanggil aya lagi soalnya pada takut pas tua ntar dipanggil bu aya.. wth