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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

New New Year's Resolution

Because like the us, I adore making lists and countdowns! :'D

1. I will cut down on my consumerism habits, spending less than all of my allowance per month
2. I will cut down on the whinging if possible, stop altogether.
3. I will work harder on my studies so I can get into art school (is there something ironic in that sentence or what?)
4. I will exercise more
5. I will cut down on the lounging around in front of any screens
6. I will care more about the world and its problems
7. I will be nicer to all those around me who aren't a complete bitch
8. I will stop calling everyone bitches
9. I will reduce the vulgar nature of my language
10. I will stop using 'shit' as different adjectives because of my small range of vocabulary
11. I will start eating healthier (and gain more weight dammit!!!)
12. I will stop condemning smokers to death!
13. I will stop condemning ignorant people to death

woot! lucky 13! let's wish for the best this coming year! more happiness, more love and more fabulousness!

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