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Saturday, 26 December 2009


It seems that I'm quite a slow child, like I'm only just realising so many things about life recently. Is this what they call an enlightenment? Sort of like what Buddha must feel under the Bodhi tree that one day? Probably not so grand, but similar...

Ok so right to the point, I've only just discovered the beauty that is music. It's ridiculous I know, but before, music was just music. I know and understand that we constantly hear, listen and enjoy music. People waltz around the streets with headsets, listening to their favourite tunes on their mp3 players but I never thought that it's role on our lives were so major.

Like a song that I've previously heard so many times and thought was ok-ish, like nothing spectacular or anything suddenly became great when I heard while i ate this really great cookie. So every time I hear the song again, it brings up the wonderful feeling I had when I ate that cookie, now I don't mind listening to the song over and over again for the feeling to come back. And I heard a song not too long ago, and it brought back memories from the time i first heard the song, bitter sweet memories, kind of melancholic and it almost made well up, the song was happy though! Upbeat, the one you can dance to. Heck I think I can well up if I hear Nutbush City Limits on the radio...

Also I tink it was last night, it's sort of funny actually, I was watching this show on telly showing a couture collection, the dresses were fabulous, I swear, but the song they played on the background was Tainted Love. Funnily, the first time I heard that song was on Friends, the episode where there was Danny De Vito stripping for what I think was a bachelorette party for Phoebe? So really when I saw the collection, all I had in my mind was Danny De Vito. It was kind of disturbing actually and I couldn't help but laugh.

When I hear Breaking the Habit I remember Halloween of 2007 because i was so obsessed with the song during October of that year. Now every time I hear Love Will Tear Us Apart I will remember Christmas this year, when I was sick and bored to death at my Grandma's house. The song got me through the day, I felt like I could drink a few beers and believe, I'm not a fan of beer! Nor am I allowed to drink it but I needed something to numb my brain temporarily.

Music is an important part of movies, great movies have great OSTs so great OSTs must belong to a great movie <= that's my logic. When I hear a great OST (with a great music video) it's most likely that I would want to see the movie. And just the songs they play throughout the movie really, if it has a great sound then people would enjoy it more. It helps capture the emotions. It sounds silly, so silly I don't even want to read through this when I finish! It also makes me sound really stupid! Gosh, why am I so slow right? Fashion shows also need good music. If I see something and the song they play doesn't appeal to me, I wouldn't enjoy it no matter how good it really is, like the tainted love thing I said before, yeah.

So there goes another how many minutes of my life spent writing a strange and silly post about something everyone int he world already knows. But to me, this is something completely fresh, people have told me before and fantarded about this truth themselves but it never got to me because i haven't discovered it for myself. I think this is another one of those things that you have to experience the magic before fully understanding the impacts it has on our lives. So now I wish to be able to have a song that can bring back memories and emotions no matter good or bad to enrich my life. So I can walk about, hear the birds sing and understand why they do.

Right now, I'm hearing The Entertainer in my head.

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