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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

2009 Resolutions Outcome

So I decided to post my progress on becoming a better person (didn't think it was possible did ya? I know right?)

1. i will stop my bad habit => I have actually forgotten what I meant by bad habit so I'm guessing I didn't stop?
2. i will cut down on the internet... => If anything I think It's worse.. But maybe at the start of the year I did cut down.
3. i will cut down on coke => The greatest accomplishment perhaps! I am beginning to stop consuming the product. I had a glass the other day, damn was it good but it's getting easier to stay away.
4. i will write one strip idea a day! => it didn't happen, quite sad but my children still lives.
5. i will do well in school (if possible... if not then better) => nope hahahah that was just for kicks I think.
6. i will not annoy my sister so much that she would rather die or leave the continent => Well, she's off to the other side of the world so by this logic, I pissed the hell out of her.
7. i will paint => I started but haven't finished one that I started during my end of year break but I still have a few days to finish it! :'D
8. i will try to gain weight => I gained a few kilos, that's good right?
9. i will cut down on being a total bitch => yeah, easier said than done I must say
10. i will write my friends => shut up! I still have 2 weeks left!!!!
11. i will engage in conversation more often with my family => FAIL, we're a tough bunch to engage..
12. i will read more books => I don't think I read that many books, I read pride and prejudice i think this year that's a long book so that should count for something right?
13. i will care more about the world => I can't care more for the world, no seriously.
14. i will try to stop being a lazy ass who burdens her family by absorbing all of her parents wage for her useless needs => it's so haaard but i've definitely cut down on the consumerism
15. i will make this list 15 point long... and then stop making pointless long lists. => Not a chance! Will make even more lists later!!!! :'D

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