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Thursday, 10 December 2009


A major fault I have -that I know of if probably about complaining too much. I know that and I wish to stop but I just haven't seemed to find the right way to look at life in order to stop. I'm pretty sure I'm not he only person who complains though. There are so many things to complain about in the world.

My generation, maybe generation z i don't know, the generation who is obsessed with the media and communication technologies is considered to be lucky it seems by people of previous generations. "You kids have nothing to complain about! You have everything made" i expect people to say whenever I complain about something. It's become quite like a routine really, like a punchline almost. I mean sure, we don't have a world war going on, we don't live under colonizations (at least the explicit kind). But we have war, so many different wars going on. The never ending wars which i don't really understand though personally, I'm not directly involved with such war but it still exists. We're fighting food and water shortages, i find it highly disturbing hat even with the technology we have now people are still starving and have little to no access to clean water. And the biggest thing that's is freaking me to shits are the environmental wars we are fighting in. every single person in this planet is involved in this war.

Don't say we have nothing to complain about, we have more on our plates and a lot of it is thanks to the previous generations. I mean the sudden increase in pollution and climate (which is correlated people) is practically their faults no? Now we have your debts to pay. Why are we paying debts of ignorant people? I really have no idea, karma seems to be an unreasonable bitch.

Technically speaking though, if you do realise it's your generations fault we're suffering now then you have more to complain about. I mean, what's worse than knowing the reason the world is falling apart is you? So fine, in this case, I will let you complain but let me blame you for the problems happening today! :'D

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