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Monday, 21 September 2009

i finally can choose to go or not!

its only just occurred to me but my parents never let me have a say to where we are going whenever we go somewhere as a family. like they would say "come on! we're going out!" and when i ask where they would simply say "out" and never elaborate.

in fact if i think about it now it's very similar to kidnap. except for the binding, gagging and blindfolding part.. although maybe kidnappers also bind, gag and blindfold, not sure i've never been kidnapped (yet?).

but a few days ago, i have noticed they have started to consider my say like if i tell them i'm tired or insist on not wanting to go they will just leave without me. what i mean by insist is just sitting on the couch and not taking a shower or getting ready when they are about to leave. but then again, they could just as easily yell at me, point to the bathroom and lecture me about following what your parents tell you and then i will run to get ready like a headless chicken.

the point though, they have finally acknowledged my say and i am very happy, now i dont feel obliged to go to the strange places they used to make me go to before like someones wedding that i dont know or to the flower market.

speaking of which! we went to the flower market a few days ago, but this time i said i wanted to come. i feel so mature! i actually said to mum and dad "no, no.. please, i want to come" hahaha. i dont even like flowers.. i think they're tacky. not all of them though, i sort of like dandellions and sunflowers but roses, gardenias, and blah blah are all so tacky! the colour, the smell everything about them just spells out tack to me so i dont like being around them. my dad asked me what flower i liked and when i said i didn't like any he claims i had no soul. that might be true actually. but in this case its just because i think they're tacky.

it was fun i guess, if you call walking around aimlessly to find flowers fun. but hey! lots of people find bingo fun so.. its a crazy new world out there! we spent the morning looking for flowers and finding better bargains for each of them. i ended up slightly parched and almost dehydrated, the morning sun does that to me, thats why i prefer to wake up later. it was like shoe shopping for them and i was the kid who didn't understand a single bit of the trip and just wanted to sit down but all the men have sat on the seats provided in the store. that was metaphorical by the way..

so yes, i have realised that perhaps even with my freedom to choose to go to places with my parents, what i really would like is just to spend time with them no matter how boring the activity or how strange the place is. after all, they are your parents, family, people you have to sort of put up with for your whole life, you sort of have no choice but to love and want to spend time with them!

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