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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

It's not just a condition, it's a menace!

I have just noticed that my posts have been full of rants and stuff, it's horrible. no one (not even myself) would want to hear ramblings about how sad and pathetic my life is when it's actually pretty ok. so i thought i should brighten up the place, the colours (actually grey, black and white are shades not colours) stay though.

I don't know if i've ever told anybody this, maybe to my sister but she hardly ever listens (that's right! the monster has feelings! D;) but i like laughter. this is probably hard to guess, i don't really laugh that much except when i watch funny shows on telly or someone tells me something funny (or at times pitiful things, sorry..) it might be because of my antisocial behaviour, i am sort of incapable of showing excessive expressions even at my own leisure but i really do like it, i like to laugh, i like to make other people laugh, heck i even like just seeing people laugh even if i have no idea why. i would say love, but it is such a strong word! anyway, i think the world really would be a better place is we all took a minute in every hour to just laugh, not smile, laugh.

Again, because of my social circumstance and obsession with people laughing, i tend to be very awkward in serious situations. when people cry or seek for advice or fighting and i'm sort of stuck (physically) in the room with them or during an intervention i crack jokes in pursuit of laughter. i don't like it when things get too serious, the world is already grey as it is. the thing is though, the 'jokes' i crack tend to make the situation even worse or it would just add even more tension and awkwardness.

because i'm more of a sarcastic type, so i would make sarcastic comments in the situation but observe:

A: oh my god! my puppy just got rollen over by a car.
Me: well, that's one less source of poop in my lawn i should be worried about harr harr.

or it just won't attract any laughters.

A: You really need to start thinking about your future carefully.
Me: yeah i thought i should.... pull my finger! :D

or it would be really offensive.

A: i think our realtionship has to end B..
B: are you serious? after all the time we've been together?
Me: i'm sorry but is my pepperoni pizza here yet? ha ha i't's been 2 minutes since i called.

of course all the scenarios above are hypothetical but i'm not too far away from making it a reality. so yeah, it sucks that i suck at shit but shit happens and i have no choice but to suck at handling the shit when it does. yeah? so if a genie happens to discover me or if bill gates were to offer me super powers, it would be so i can have the ability to make people laugh or at least the ability to avoid entering situations like that.. because it's not just an issue, it's a menace!

so if you're looking for a plus one for a dinner party, not me!

but seriously people, the worst thing you can feel is when someone laughs AT you, the second worst thing is pity laugh, it doesn't make you cool, it makes you a jackass. shut up i'm not fucking crying! D: no seriously.

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Anonymous said...

"it sucks that i suck at shit but shit happens and i have no choice but to suck at handling the shit when it does."

me likey these words. its fkn right