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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Parents say the darndest things

Well i was given countless 'pep talks' and preaches by my parents over this past week. nothing like one of those to get through the day! i know they mean well and stuff but seriously, after all those years they have become human beings who are social and intellectual, you'd think they would start filtering what they say and pick better, motivating words for their teenage daughters. i shouldn't blame them either, without their antisocial tendencies, i myself would not be this much of a retard.. hum

so yes, we all know the basic "what do you want to do with your life" talk. i had one almost every day last week actually, what cordiality! to be frank, i really have no idea what will happen to me the next day let alone for the rest of my life. i want to just sit infront of the TV and sleep all day but that wouldn't really make a living they would tell me. so with the occasional question i would just answer with a polite smile and nod. but this time i actually decided to answer them. knowing my parents for all my life, i wanted to please them with a sensible choice of major for college. i really want to get into art school but those are expensive or a design major but if i tell them that they would probably cry because they think i was wasting my life with an uncertain job or something, that means another hour of pretending to smile. so instead i tell them one of the most stable if not prestigious major, "law school, i want to get into lawschool" and their response: frowning.. soooo much frowning. good heavens! is there no pleasing these folks? then they preached about the dishonest lives lawyers lead and then they started to threaten me with the fact that the mob will always be a major part of the court and that they WILL kill me if i don't go with what they want. but if i actually go with what they want i will be dead to my parents and myself.

It's good actually that they disapprove of this idea because i'm not quite sure how i will be able to lvie through law school. what if i hate my clients? will i just tell them to chut up? nope, not a very social person, i shouldn't be a lawyer. so then they start to tell me about the glories of economics and how certain the jobs it can create. banks WILL always be around! i told the that i had no interest in that nor care about the financial status of the country.

when we left that off, they gave me a jolly good pep talk about talents. my mum thinks i have a talent with drawing shit and theh she started saying how my sister was more of a writer but when she saw how mch attention i got with my drawings, she began to draw herself and in the end she mastered it. so this story told me that hey! talent is bollocks! everyone can draw or sing or dance or fit in small, enclosed spaces without having "gifts" from birth! so all this time she had been praising me with my "talent" she was really saying "stop it, everyone can draw sticks and stones, go learn or something that is actually useful in life" thank you mum! you're one heck of a role model! she's awesome like that.

then we started talking about where i want to live. i said i would love to live in a studio in a country side and i guess they didn't understand why considering thy still think i want to practice as a certified attorney and countrysides don't really match with big court action. and they told me how the countryside is so quiet and nothing really happens, i agree. so then i said i wanted to live in the city in an appartment because houses cost a lot and there is hardly any land to build on anyway. dad started to go off about how i will be in deep shit if there is a fire downstairs. must he always think up a worst case scenario? i wonder if i am out and didn't tell them he'd think i was mutilated and chucked out in a river somewhere?

so that was one of the many lovely evening i had shared with my parents. i try to sneak away when they start hinting about the future, not really in my time budget to hear preaches for about 4 hours. parents try to be kind and nurturing but somtimes we don't need that, especially when you're already well freaked out about the future and your life without their help.
so thanks mum and dad but no thanks.

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