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Monday, 18 May 2009

Vegetarians Are Ruining My Life!!!

no offense.. but hear me out first.

so my dad has been a vegetarian almost as long as i've known him, he took a break or something for a few years and recently he went back to his ways. my sister is also a vegetarian-ish, i don't really know what you are cal led when you still eat seafood, that one. so their reason for becoming so is because they are against slaughter houses or so i've heard them say. sounds noble enough i think. i think it's wonderful in fact! but that was when i never really thought about the consequences it has towards me.

my mum and grandma don't eat that much meat either because of health reasons i think, so it leaves me, i am the only living carnivore at home. at first i still thought that it was still no trouble to me in any way. until recently, when i noticed that i have hardly been eating any meat myself! so living with vegetarians and unable to cook for myself, for the last 6 months i have been eating nothing but variations of soybean curds, eggs, and seafood, especially prawns. we used to only seldom eat prawns which made them an obvious favourite of mine but after eating them for weeks non-stop i begin to question my love for them! this is exactly what happened with meat pies during my 7th year of school! (another story for another day)

i'm left with 2 choices, not eat meat unless we decide to eat out and i get to eat whatever i please unless the restaurant we go to also only serves vegetarian meals or to eat a whole block of meat myself and eat the leftovers the next day and no later. i don't think i can eat a whole meat course on my own, especially when it's served as stew and not steak, and i hate to throw out food, so much so that i feel like i have killed millions of children in africa and don't deserve to live. so i have no other choice but to keep whinging because both options still leaves me miserable.

the thing is i can't be a vegetarian. i need my meat! i have veggies and frankly i'm alright with slaughterhouses, i think that the sole purpose of cows- or bulls is so we can eat them. that's why they are raised in farms! you don't go out to the jungle or even zoo to see cows, they're not freaking endangered for heaven's sakes! i don't think that it's so urgent to preserve their population as opposed to feeding people. so yeah, right now i can't wait until i can make my own money, move out and eat meat carelessly again! goodbye healthy living and morals, hello cholesterol and heart attacks!

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