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Thursday, 19 March 2009

epiphany and a pretty late one at that...

there seems to always be a point in one's life where they reach a realisation, maybe after they have experienced something life-shaking or lost a loved one or perhaps even after a spiritual journey. i myself -i think- met this point today when i read an article on bbc [i will perhaps post the link at the end of this post] it was on the global crisis. i've always known that it was going to happen eventually but, i never realised how close it is from happening. much like global warming i guess.

so the crisis i read about today is how it's predicted that we [meaning the earth] will face food, energy and fresh water scarcity in 2030, the UNEP predicted that by 2025 we will face a water crisis across europe, africa and asia. and maybe energy will go even sooner from what we can see now! unless we do something about it, like come up with new energy sources or providing more access to get wind, solar and other renewable energies like what we are already working on today.

this is going to sound rather selfish considering i'm only just caring about this because the posibility of it happening and having an impact on me is large and for that i am sincerely sorry. it's just that this is really scary for me especially now when i have no idea what i'm going to do in the future and the fact that what seems to be my dream job will not be making any money. i know that in the end it comes down to money because with all kinds of scarcity, spiking prices will come with it and money is something i seriously doubt i would have in 20 years.

and also how there is the current economic crisis that doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon, how will this be a handicap on getting a job? a good job that will pay enough to get daily necessities? but let's not focus on me here, a LOT of people are being let go because of this economic crisis and a LOT of other people are still working but getting paid so little that they still live under the poverty line and let's not forget that these people might be getting paid even lesser under this circumstance.

so now i'm going to just play the blame game because that is what an motionally unstable teenager would do after finding out such information. i will blame those people who keep reproducing until our population explode even after they haev seen the kind of suffering people have to go through in developing countries whose citizens may not have access to food and water because this would be the main cause of the crisis, an explosion in the number of population which would greatly outnumber the sources our earth can provide.

and now i will send my plea to those who have our futures in their control, my plea i hope everyone hears. please don't let this happen, please don't let the wipeout of the world happen from something that could be prevented with out knowledge and technology today. please allow biological engineering in food so that we don't have to rely solely on mother earth to provide for us. please change our consumptive if not greedy behaviour so that our race will not die out shortly.

to close it off, i think i will say that we are currently in a time of deep crises and that i hope that we can unite as one in this darkness.

just a reminder, earth hour on the 28th! i hope you participate and turn off your lights at 8:30.

this is the link to the article i read

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