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Monday, 2 February 2009

ho shit moments

moments when it's too late for you to finally think through what you have said i minute ago and it's too late to change your mind and say "hahah, just kidding" and walk away. ah yes... we've all had moments like this i'm sure, moments where you say "shit" because you just understood what it is that you've agreed on doing and then say "ok.. SHIT!!!" because you just realized that it was too late to go back now.

for example moments like these..
- you just realised you said yes on going on the world's highest roller coaster when you're scared to shits about height and you have bladder control issues.

- you just realised you have said "yes, i'm a doctor" on a plane where a passenger just got knocked out from a cardiac arrest and you're seconds from opening his heart when the closest thing you've got to a heart surgery is where you got had to get out a chunk of meat that caused you a heart burn by puking it out.

- you just realised you said "yes, i am a trained bomb squad elite" in a building with a bomb about to go off in 5 seconds when you'de absolutely colour blind and even if you weren't you don't have a slight clue which wire you're supposed to snap off first.

- you just realised that you agreed on going to vegas and get married when you're only 8 years of age and you're so scared of cooties that you'd rather kill yourself or your soon to be wife than live in the same building as her.

- you just realised you signed up for the army when there is a war going on and the possibility of you getting sent to the battlefield is 110% not to mention you're gay.

- you just realised you signed up for the army when the war leader's mindset is "i'd rather my soldiers die than lose this war and be called a pussy by my wife"

ah yes... good times...
anythign else you'd like to add just post!

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