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Thursday, 18 December 2008

AHA! Thinking Cap Mode

There's this thing that has been bothering me for days, weeks, MONTHS! My TV's remote control is dead and i also have no idea where it is. So every time i need to change the channel, i would need to walk over to the telly and change it manually. Now if i only want to change from channel 6 to channel 7 or 5, it doesn't bother me much, but the real kerfuffle is when i need to change from channel 6 to channel 48.

This is hazardous both for me and the telly, if i keep clicking on the CH+ and CH- buttons repeatedly -like say 50+ times then the button would probably pop out like they do in cartoons and stuff! and then there would be no way for me to change the channel when the current show was like general hospital or something. The problem especially for me is, i'm no professional channel changer, so i'm not trained to change so many channels! and also, my fingers are stupid so when it can't calculate the amount of commands to change channels so many times it would shrivel up and cramp. not exactly the icing on my cake.

so what i have to do when i don't feel like changing the channel is either just sit there and watch the damn show anyway or wait until someone passes and ask them "yo! change the channel will ya? ..... please?" but i have no patience for that! so what i have thought up off is a clapping system! much like lights nowadays! clap once when you want to go to channel 1, clap twice when you want to go to channel 2 and clap 63 times when you want to go to channel 63! handy innit?

of course it would be terrible when you lose count or someone else is clapping at the same time... and also the possibility of hurting yourself from over-clapping is pretty big..


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