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Sunday, 16 November 2008


Why do people fight?

The world is so colourful, everyone is their own individual, unique and special under their definition. Yet we are a mess. We all believe in happiness and peace. Yet we do not live in it. These differences we have, instead of becoming our identities and beauty, it forces us to do something entirely opposite, we discriminate against those who are 'different' merely because they do not belong to the majority. But should we be considered majority when the only reason we discriminate against those is not to be hated? We simply follow everyone else to achieve acceptance. The one thing missing in society.

People are so afraid of change because it is foreign to the routine they have been living in for many years. And because of this fear, we rebel against them. We force our norms and values upon those who do not belong. And from this we create a major clash between the majority and lots of minority groups. And this is what we call a fight. Why do we fight? Because someone is different from us? Because we can't accept them for being able to be who they are when we ourselves have to live in a lie? Then is this difference the reason people are dying as we speak? If so, perhaps the only way we can resolve this is when we are all the same. Ours skins will be the same. Our minds and thoughts. Our beliefs. No one will be different or unique or special. Because they are the reason our world is falling apart right now. WE are the reason our world is falling apart.

Why can't we accept each other? Why can't we accept the fact that people believe in different things? Or that nothing is right or wrong in living, that the true reason people disagree is not because of differences, it is our judgments that create the worse in all of us. If only us humans were born into this world without judgment, perhaps we will finally find peace and happiness.

Could it be that the forbidden fruit really contains judgment?

[ps i'm on a roll! but seriously, touching a very serious topic right now, focus on that]

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