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Sunday, 16 November 2008

Rantastic Day

I hate Mondays.

Who doesn't? maybe those who has their day offs on Monday but whatever! No one asked
your opinion! this is my blog for goodness sakes! [inb4 pms?] So anyway, I'd like to argue that activities which start on a Monday morning between the first 8 hours should be illegalised! Why? To begin with, why does the world even have to begin so early in the morning? Why can't it wait 2 or 3 hours later? It's not like we'd get less productivity! Our schooling day ends after what 6 hours 9 hours tops right? [WRONG! schools should not teach children for 9 hours straight... damn government with their educational plans!] I certainly would choose my mornings than my afternoons! I for one don't mind having to learn until 3 in the afternoon rather than going home at one and leaving for school at 6.

Why do people even have to do anything on Monday anyway? I'm appalled by the fact religious people aren't rioting over this! What happened to "On the sabbath day you must rest"? Why can't Monday be the seventh day? Whose call was it to make Monday the first day of the week? Why should people suffer from the vagueness of religion??? And even if Sunday is the sabbath day [because people think one is enough..] why do people have to go to church? leaving the house and driving 6 block to listen to some old guy preach for 2 hours isn't exactly my definition of resting.

And I just realised, Monday is the day I have to be at school for 9 hours. Seriously, why even have the extra 3 hours? The teachers don't even want to be there just like the rest of us and they don't even hide it. They would act all pissy because they have to work when normally they can go home, relax and have tea whilst watching telly. And to top it all off the kids would also be pissy back at the teachers thus creating a pissy environment which is not suitable for learning. Why do we even have 20 subjects? I mean I'm sure they are ALL useful for our careers in the future and the what not! I mean who wouldn't need history when you're working in a factory with minimum wage! seriously government! ELECTIVES! That's the way to go.

In closing, I hate Mondays. Or really, I hate all days even saturday because i still have to wake up and go to school because of the damn loophole in our society and also Sunday because it ends too quickly.

So, correction of my statement, I hate Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Except for New Year.

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