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Thursday, 6 November 2008

So... Mr. Obama won...

I'm not sure what the press will cover next week. his first week in office? so yeah, i think this whole obama craze has been going for so long and now it's over, it's finally over! and so is the fey/palin sketch. in the meantime the press has been covering th US presidential elections, i don't even know when our election will be and whoever the hell is running for it! i mean sure, the US one is more important because he will be practically the most powerful person on earth (maybe?) but my country is in need of leadership and i don't know who to vote for!

of course this issue would be more crucial when i am actually eligible to vote which i'm not... YET but i think it's bogus that i don't know our candidates.

anyway, i'm pretty interested on how this will turn out, i mean his presidency by the way. i also think it's amazing that people here or menteng to be precise is getting all proud and the what not because he went to school there for what? a year? two years? it's not like WE made him who he is today! he did it himself! and another thing is the fact people want him to win because he is black, which i think is also very bogus, when you elect someone it should be because of his competence and leadership not the colour of their skin or if they're women... i believe he has done it though! i believe he will be a great leader because he has proven so in the campaigns.

i'm just hoping noone will do anything stupid. people need change bt the fact that they might not be ready might be a tad pickle...

so what would next week's headline be? The Lochness monster was proven to be extinct? [refference to last post]


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