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Wednesday, 29 October 2008


shocking innit? ok i won't say what newspaper this was from but it's real, it's definitely real hence why i bothered to post it. to be honest i'm not sure if i should be embarrassed or shocked or laughing til i wet my pants because if this headline (on the front page) has no sarcasm intended then i should probably be scared. scared that it took climatologists in my country this long to figure out climate change is not a myth.

but maybe i shouldn't be so shocked, as it turns out a lot of people (mostly farmers) believe that the avian influenza is a government conspiracy because they don't want the farmers to get any profits from their chickens so they start killing them. if you ask me, if any of these were government conspiracy, i probably would have more respect for the government, like no offense guys really!

so yeah! congratulations mr/mrs climatologist! you have pointed out something that we have discovered 20 years ago. gosh, don't scientists watch that al gore movie?

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