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Sunday, 5 October 2008

Headphone Singing

What I can't deny is the fact that I, yes I sing to songs when i am listening to them on my headphones. I mean it's not exactly whacky and I think it's safe to say that everyone who has a pair had done it in their life.

So anyway the story is, we went on a roadtrip my family and I, and to kill the time I would listen to the songs on my phone using my headset thing right.. considering my dad keeps playing beatles songs. And it's so hard to restrain yourself sometimes from singing whatever you're listening to especially when it's them pop-y tunes that are so catchy and cheesy and somehow people just know the lyrics after only listening to it once (ok.. I admit I listen to catchy, cheesy, embarrassing pop songs) Mika is especially difficult to ignore. Ahem, so umm when I was listening to a certain song my foot suddenly started moving and then later I couldn't stop myself!! "Sunny day! Sweeping the clouds awaaaaaay!!!!!" I went. And you know they say 'people see what the want to see, and people believe what they want to believe'? I guess an addition is 'people hear what the want to hear' as well (or maybe people already do say that I don't..) so no matter how many times people look at me and shake their heads with sympathetic smiles or how many times people throw tomatoes at my face, in my mind I sound like freaking Aretha Franklin! but well.. no one seems to understand a true artist...

What's amazing is how you think you're singing along in the same notes as the singer you're listening to and you think you know what you're doing and making everyone happy... weeeelll you're not! and I found this out when i realised the look my family had when I started singing is not an impressed look or amazed look, it more of a shocked look, traumatic look, desperation and almost suicidal look or even murderous look.

But you know what? I'm not gonna tell you to stop singing with headphones even if people around give you the same look! I actually encourage it (except when I'm around..) unless they start to videotape you singing and uploading it on youtube for everyone to see then you should probably stop to end the embarrassment. And you probably think I'm a terrible person for saying something like this after my previous entry about kids singing but at least I can sort of sing....... says.. my mum.

Seriously though, singing to kill time in a roadtrip is hella fun! Even when you notice that your car isn't actually soundproof and people outside can hear you singing which would make the roadtrip a traumatic experience they would tell their kids about as if it were a legend to scare them off. But in their defense, they won't actually say you're terrible to your face! :D


by the way... I soon found out that my foot was actually experiencing spasms due to lack of movement after sitting in the car for so long.

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