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Monday, 14 July 2008

men and cars, women and shoes

a few days ago my dad came up to me and said
"do you want to go to the car show?" and i think that was more an order than it was a question.
i asked him if he knew that i was a girl or not and he laughed. the next thing i know i was in the car on our way to the car show. as it turns out the car show we're going to isn't as i expected, being someone who has never been to one her whole life i thought it was going to be a place full of old, antique cars displayed like in museums and stuff and i would not mind or even like it, but when i finally asked him what sort of a car show it was he answered "new models to preview before they go out in the markets" right now i'm thinking isn't that a showcase? but it doesn't matter.

i seriously don't understand cars, to me they're all just lunch boxes on wheels. i also don't understand why people get so fascinated over it, and i don't get carshows in overall, they have loud music (mostly hiphop?) and hot chick models, it's pretty readable that the target is of the male species which i do not belong to. i don't have any interest in lunch boxes, loud music and women wearing skimpy clothes.

so when we got there we somehow made our way to the japanese cars exhibit (i guess?) and there was the new type dad really liked and you know how for a type they have different models? it's like a phone, for a certain series they have like a gazillion types.. yeah. he asked for my opinion on which one was better and i was literally silent for 30 seconds or so. i cannot see what the difference was, the only thin i noticed was that those cars were of different colours and they have different (and may i say funky) names i already don't remember now. so i told him how i didn't see what the difference was and i don't know if it had a connection but he opened the car door and told me to sit in the passenger's seat, i refused to leave my fingerprints on those cars.

after about an hour of looking at cars which looked the same we made our way to the other car manifacturers. dad told me beforehand to tell me which car caught my eye. and everytime i point out a certain car he always seems to have a reason that will make the car look bad.
1. too expensive
2. bad engine
3. too small
4. your grandmother can't get up
5. doesn't use too much fuel but doesn't go very long
6. that is a cutout

seriously, to be honest after a while i got pretty frustrated and we decided to have dinner.
at that time i only just noticed how this exact situation sounds similar somehow. it was the same situation my mother, sister and i had put him in when we were at the shoe store picking out shoes for different occasions, in fact he seems to look like i was looking almost every time we went shopping.

every time we asked for his opinion on a pair, we would deny it, every time we asked him to pick which one is good we would find a reason why it's not, we would be walking for hours and end up empty handed. this situation is exactly that except in a man's favour.

quite ironic really, but something i learned from this experience is, i am not as strong as he is, if he wants to go to a carshow, he will need to find a son because i am not strong enought o go back there!

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