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Monday, 28 April 2008

sing a song

have you ever been to a place where there are children singing karaoke for entertainment? normally a small cafe or a little coffee house or sometimes in them food courts in malls and the what not. the worse case scenario is when those kids can't sing yet their parents encourage them to keep doing so. maybe it's for the future to be held against the child if he were to sue the family or whatever, it doesn't really matter the motive behind the parents' push.

so there you are enjoying your food until 'twinkle twinkle little star' goes a little, adorable, i wish he'd blow up 5 year old screaming at the microphone. i sure have been in those situations and like a good audience, i also would love to have been able to throw a gift onto the stage in the form of a brick, targeted nicely at the kid's head to end the dog's misery, or what sounds like a dog in pain but the security people never seems to share the same idea so i have no choice but to restrain myself.

what gets me is if you ask nicely to the kid's parents for the kid to stop singing because you find it disturbing and painful they give you 'the look', cross their arm and exhale what looks like katrina through one nostril --and a few lot of boogers out the other nostril-- and say "how dare you insult my son/daughter! he/she is a star and he/she can sing as much as they like because everyone here enjoys it! where are your manners? has no one told you to be polite to people??"
geez lady, i'm not the one who totally ruined people's time and meal by singing with my obnoxiously high pitched voice! i think child control needs to be put forth in situations like this!

but you know what? i've come up with a solution thanks to technology of the 21st century! so right, i was at school when i saw the most brilliant thing! HEADSETS!! and you can connect them to almost anything your laptop, phone, mp3 player, ipod etc etc! wowzers 21st century! you've overdone yourself this time! so now you can relax in the cafe, coffee house or even food courts without having to worry about your eardrums completely obliterated by off key and obnoxiously high pitched singing. thank you technology, you have saved humans yet again from a terribly painful experience.

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m i t a said...

this reminds me of those oh-so-great idol moments.
did you watch petespace of the bulgarian idol try-out by valentina hassan?
because you should.