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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

the irony of moral values

ok so growing up (here) i've always been told to respect your parents, your teachers, older relatives, adults etc etc. i guess it's pretty common, i think everyone has been taught that too. ok, that makes sense, they have more experience in this world than you do so they know better and so we should respect them. that makes sense.

then a while ago i asked more about it, why do younger people have the need to respect us? why don't we respect them as much and why does the rule apply at all? isn't it also basic morality that everyone deserves equal treatments? (at least in a democratic society anyway). i don't remember ever given an answer to those questions though. maybe there weren't really answers to it, maybe they're just something culture has brought down from generations. all i got from that conversation was that children or younger people don't get the same rights as older, wiser and more mature people.

so then i asked again, if in a community a child was to act rudely towards an adult, would they be judged negatively by the society? the answer i got was yes. then i asked, what about if an adult was to act rudely towards a child? would they be judged negatively
as the child before? "no, after all, there MUST be a reason for the adult to act in such a way". apparently there's never an explanation behind a child's "rudeness".

then i brought up the topic violence. if a child was to hit or injure an adult, is that something considered bad/impolite/unacceptable? "why of course! who does the child think he is?". then what about an adult was to hit or injure a child, is that something considered bad/impolite.unacceptable? --a normal person would say "don't you have something else better to do than ask pointless questions?" (which i didn't at the time.. that was just my way of killing time) but that didn't rise-- "no... why would it be?".

so technically children are nothing, mere decorations to fill up the space. golly, what an ideal world we live in! where everybody believes that every human being has equal rights, deserve equal treatments! where one's opinion is gold and something that is wrong can be turned right if there is a logical explanation behind it. yes, we do live in an ideal world, once you've turned 18.

respect everyone my momma says, be polite at all times my momma says, think of other people's feelings before you act my momma says, i wonder if she and all the adults in this world have been told the same thing.

--end of rant--
don't get the wrong idea, my momma doesn't hurt me, she is not rude to me, she respects my opinion and everyone else's. it's just she implied to me that she also thinks that children are lower being than their more perfect product of evolution the adult, though not directly.


m i t a said...

yeees. i thought the violence one was a good point!

-anonimose- said...

it's sad isn't it....