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Thursday, 13 March 2008

Close to death experience

wow.. my school has this regulation how all the girls have to wear long skirts that go down to your ankles. lucky me, i am classified as short and short doesn't matter in the society hence the fact that they never make clothing especially for short people.. well here anyway.... or at least the tailor for our school. so instead of having a skirt going to my ankles, i have a skirt going down to my heels. which is a tad kerfuffle for people who drag their feet while they're walking.

so it all started when i was going home from school. i got off at the normal bus stop and was preparing to cross the road. so it was them big roads that have separate lanes for cars going one direction and another. it has this barrier thing in the middle of the two lanes around 1 foot tall.

one step over the barrier, one foot sturdy over the barrier, another foot lifting off. my head turning to the right watching a couple of motorbikes passing me (good thing we have a speed limit =__=). my right foot stepped on my skirt, it was tugged, i stumbled, i slipped off the 20cm wide barrier. there were cars passing right infront of me.. my heart skipped a beat.

then a rather bright man felt it was necessary to point out something,
"oi! don't fall over while you're crossing the road!! you can get hit!"

like i wanted to fall...

so there,
i will try to avoid 1 foot tall barriers, i will avoid wearing long skirts, i will shorten my skirt by a few cm's and i wish i could write a complaint to the school board to allow short skirts as our uniform once again.
but the world doesn't go as we plan... that's the beauty of it, we only hit gas.

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nonniie's said...

yeah right. i hate that skirt aswell.
i once fall when i was gonaa get off the 'angkot'
-ehm, basa inggris'a angkot apa ?
hhehe..peace ! :)

have you actually wrote that complaint yet ?