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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Double: A Tale of Sword Edges and Standards

Here's the thing, I'm a very sarcastic person. I know this, everyone knows this, and that was nothing if not a mere blatant state of a fact, but I've sort of noticed that it might cause problems. Often times I find myself in situations where my sarcasm is so advanced that people just assume I'm dumb. But other times my stupidity is so advanced that people just assume I'm being sarcastic.

That's the funny thing about it though, a lot of times I think people actually end up overestimating my intelligence, which is a rookie mistake if I ever saw one! It's a double edged sword really, and I feel like the only lesson to be learned here is that you shan't underestimate a person but you also shan't overestimate him. In fact, don't even estimate people, just walk in without any thoughts or expectations whatsoever, just walk. Focus on the walking in. You might notice that the floor is kind of superbly tiled.

But here's a random, completely irrelevant comic:

Gray Area: Double Standards

It used to semi-sicken me that bondgirls would just throw themselves at him like they didn't have self-respect but I feel like if I'd met one of the Bonds (back in their youthful days) and he asks where the bathroom is I'd just stand there in awe before shouting "I'll show you the bathroom... in my pants!" at his face like some socially inept frauen who lives with her 38 cats and counting and has never felt the touch of a man. So much for self-respect, right? But in my defense, I never claimed ever having one.

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