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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Caffeine: A Sort of Overwhelming Like but Not Exactly Love Because I'm Just Not Sure I'm Ready to Love Again Story

I'm still writing my paper, it's just at that point where you don't know what else to add or what more to cut out haha lookit, I'm trying to justify myse-PROCRASTINATION!

I was in the middle of manually filtering my coffee, with a paper towel which I know is incredibly unsanitary, when a thought ran to my head, why don't we have a coffee machine? We have a juicer and God knows the only one who really likes to juice every single inanimate object and drink them in the morning is my dad. There was a point in my life when dad handled all the home economics and decided that he would juice all the carrots in the house for breakfast, result: orange shit, orange puke, orange everything. I thought I would turn into an oompa loompa! Or worse, a cast member of Jersey Shore! Actually back then the world didn't know of a mtv without music but potato, potato.

We didn't actually have anything other than what I can assume is instant coffee which is just, waugh the humanity!!! It's not exactly a burning blimp awful but, like a mild disturbance on the tastebud? I'm not saying it needs to come out of the rear end of a small mammal or cost thousands of dollars but instant coffee? Do churches have instant purgatories? (Well, baptism... ooh loophole!) Like I'm not a complete snob when it comes to coffee, I can't tell the difference between coffee from Brazil and coffee from Sumatra but come on, it tastes like stomach acid.

Another thing is how terrible I am at making coffee. I'd add too much water or too much milk and cream or too much sugar the mug is basically leaking diabetes but never the right amount of coffee to make it just right. So I need to learn how to make good coffee... Maybe I'll go do that now. NO! Focus, you have a goddamn paper to write! *slaps self*

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