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Friday, 30 September 2011

I was thinking about van Gogh's struggles the other day. And a thought popped to my head, that if he didn't have to struggle through all that, what would have become of him? Maybe we wouldn't know this broken man that almost the whole world has fallen completely in love with. That if there was just that one person of influence back then who understood his brilliance like people today do, maybe things would have been completely different. Or nothing would have changed.

It's like when people ask my opinion about the Mona Lisa (personally, I'm more intrigued by the Girl with the Pearl Earring but you know, I know of no ninja turtles called Vermeer so..) I honestly don't know if it's the actual painting or the story behind it that makes it a masterpiece. But then again, what's the difference right? A window is just a window until you find out it's the window from which Martin Luther King was assassinated.

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