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Sunday, 8 May 2011

So few to do, so little time..

I wish I had time to do the things I love. Isn't it sad to hear a statement like that coming out of a teenager? Like what have I done to myself? Why am I aging so quickly? I feel like Manny from Modern Family right now..

When I was little, I've always wanted to make my own movies. I actually did make one with my dolls and stuff, it was horrible I don't even remember the storyline. But I remembered wanting Unwell to be the soundtrack for the clip. It was horrible. It was hard having to do everything by myself, I didn't really have any friends that I was comfortable doing things like that with. I was always scared they'd laugh at my creative endeavours, I totally would. It was horrible.

I've always wanted to make a comic book as well. It was my first love. You know, when kids were reading their Harry Potters, I was reading Garfield. I wonder why people think me not articulate? Getting published is so hard though. I used to self publish my own comic books when I was in year 1 and 2, my classmates would buy it. I don't know what the appeal was. It was like a ripoff of every single martial arts story that existed. It made no sense either, my main characters were stranded in a technologically secluded, oriental island after being told by their parents to row to Japan and having their rowing boat capsized by a shark that never bothered to eat them. One volume was probably 20 pages or less long. I made 3 volumes if I remember correctly and they sold out. EL OH EL kids are dumb...

They've all had to do with story telling, one thing that I suck at because my brain keeps glossing over facts and jump to another. I sat down in the middle of the field during a soccer game once because the ball never went to my direction. I've never really understood soccer. I'm so excited for the summer break, which is hilarious because we don't have a summer break, every freaking day is summer. Why do people like summer? It's hot as and I'm not allowed to go to the store with no pants on! How is this a win-win situation government? Huh? How is this a win for me? But yes, 3 months of nothing but the things I want to do.

Speaking of which, can anyone teach me how to speak European? I can onrry speak Asian.

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