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Friday, 14 January 2011

It Should've been Called "Ferris Bueller's Day ON"

the world needs to do this every second Sunday and third Wednesday I think

This reminded me of a play our elementary school did and another class got to perform Twist and Shout wearing 60s ensemble while my class got a depressive, post-apocalyptic, future scene with weird installments of Big Yellow Taxi, a random techno beat and an I Still Call Australia Home solo that I didn't get (lol?). At least I got to make some of the props...

Anyhow! I just saw Ferris Bueller’s Day Off which is a hilarious movie, probably because it caught me off guard because I don’t usually expect much from a teenage movie from the --what is that 80s? Let alone one that stars Matthew Broderick. I know I’ve only seen this, Inspector Gadget and The Bachelor but really..

And this is the greatest thing about the movie: despite the movie title having his name in it, it wasn’t really about Ferris. He’s like the narrator who guides us through each character and plot. His character probably grew the least and I didn’t care much about his romantic entanglements. If anything they only served as Cameron’s sidekicks throughout the day. But I suppose that’s another great thing about his character and Broderick himself, he can be a complete douche bag and the typical popular guy that everyone seems to glorify but there’s something about him that won’t let us hate him. So I suppose his character didn’t need that much development to begin with. Aside from Cameron, the only other character who grew was Ferris’ sister –whose name escapes me. Another great thing is that I finally understand a bunch of Family Guy references like the “Shauna…”, the art gallery bit and the running scene towards the end.

It really got me asking why I never pulled a stunt like that when I was still in school. I think that he learned a lot more in town than he would, crammed in a boring classroom with teachers that have no desire to teach you anyway. I feel like I was one of those students who attended every class but would just sit there cursing my unfortunate fate because the day was sunny and beautiful and I was stuck listening to other kids answer tedious questions that we knew wouldn’t do any good outside of the exam room. So I guess I related most to umm Shauna? Is that her name or was that another tongue in cheek?

I wish I could drive around in a limited edition Ferrari, steal someone’s reservation in a fancy pansy restaurant, watch a baseball game, see beautiful art and think about how insignificant and formless we really are and boogie-oogie-oogie ‘til I can’t boogie no more to twist and shout with thousands of people in the streets without wondering how all those activities could fit into an 8-6 time slot. Then I realise that I could have and I still can.

You should re-read this post and play a drinking game for every time I say ‘character’

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