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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Girls, they want to have fun

Leap years come more often than economists get to be right, I have a higher chance of winning the big lotto than predicting the right economic turnout. Economists get to say 'oh my God, I was actually right' about as much as the Australian national soccer team get to say 'we actually won' and in case you, like myself who frankly only decided to say this to prove that I can be relevant, don't follow soccer --or as the rest of the world seems to call it football despite the Brits saying it first and then abandoning the term after reailising it made no sense whatsoever-- this analogy roughly translates to: rarely ever.

No, but really...
I don't want to be an economist. Hell, I don't know what I want to do in the future but job security isn't exactly what I sought for when I applied for the course. It sounds cheesy when I say I'm there for the ed-u-ca-tion but one of the main reason was when I read in one of Bill Watterson's interview where he basically says that the more you know about the world, the better you will be at writing comics. Do I want to draw comics for the rest of my life? I don't know, don't pigeon hole me! So it freaks me out that people my age are already thinking about interning at multinational corporations or other possible future employers when I'm thinking what kind of picture I want for the cover of my book this semester.

I don't have the kind of drive that these other kids have and I've made peace with that. It's weird though when people actually ask me 'what you gonna do with your life?' oh daddy dear you know you're still number one.. no, and I've been dodging these questions mostly with ridiculous answers and brush it off with a laugh but after a while, I can't think up other jobs between Russian double agent moonlighting as a model to world famed Cher impersonator in Vegas. I've planned out everything else in my life though, I've figured out the interior to my studio apartment, what kind of dog I want to have and what his name will be, I've even picked out the tiles to my future bathroom! But what I'd be doing still remains a mystery.

But for God's sakes, I'm a freshman! Can I just live and figure out life one piece at a time without already having to predict the impossible, knowing full well that the chances that I'd get it right are very, very slim or in analogy: Australia winning the world cup. Until the time comes for my future to unfold, I think I will just sit in the comfort of my couch, sipping tea whilst ungratefully moaning about how unfair and awful my life is, waiting for something to change for the better like magic. Good day to you sir!

Disclaimer: I have nothing against Australians, but guys.. really.

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