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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Someday My Prince Will Come

We saw Snow White on tv yesterday, it was weird because I could remember parts of it very clearly from the times I watched it long ago. Also because Ms White has a freakishly high pitched voice and it shocked my sister and me how she didn't die because she's so oblivious to everything.

- She enters a little house in the middle of a forest that belonged to 7 old geezers (whom she thought had strange names.. right, Snow...) she then cooks and cleans and stuff for them despite not knowing who the hell they are.

- She listens to what forest creatures have to say and follows them around.

- She falls in love with probably the first human male she encountered who serenaded her and ends up marrying him or something in a castle in the sky.

- She had no second thoughts about the weird hag that came to give her a magic apple, even though she had warts, wore a black robe and cackles quite often.

How did everything turn out fine for her??? Oh 50s, it was such a simple time back then.. It was still an enjoyable movie, I still like Pinocchio better (yes, children gambling and smoking cigars...) JIMMINEY CRICKET!

Meanwhile I am trying to learn how to drape which as it turns out needs a lot of patience, thimbles and super craftsmanship. NO WAY! Shock.

Oh a few days back I saw this exhibition for the french festival of spring (I actually forgot what it's really called) H'ATTITUDE by Benoit Mussolin where it's all headwear in a really awesome display and they were so cool. I felt like taking a few hats under my shirt and walking off, maybe I did, maybe I didn't. I don't know how that fedora got there, I've never seen it before. That security footage has been tempered with! SOMEONE IS TRYING TO FRAME ME! What?

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