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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Mathematics, the Universal Language

Ah! Because x arrow squiggly line y and y arrow flying straight above liquid-like surface and u single boob emoticon is practically the same as that arrow shooting above water, then u who is standing next to headless Susan Storm inside her forcefield, sideways roman numerals 4.... Fuck you too, maths!

Ya know how when we were in high school we'd look at the the stuff we learnt in junior high and realise that the things they taught us weren't even that hard and barely qualify as learnworthy. Then when we were in junior high we'd look at the things they taught us in primary school and think the same way? So how come now that I'm looking back at the stuff they taught us back in freshman year, it still feels like I'm reading an advanced course on a foreign language? A foreign language that they claim is a universal language, mind you! Universal my arse, if by that they mean mathematicians and scientists from different countries would understand but still does not represent a close majority of the global population then sure. But can I just say that Spanish is probably a lot more universal than mathspeek.

Last exam tomorrow, I'm just so eager for it to be over. Seriously can we just wrap it up please?

[Edited to add]
Here's another interesting conundrum I encountered:
1) A utility function is quasi–concave if and only if the preferences represented by that utility function are convex,
2) A set of convex-shaped indifference curves (which reflects utility as a device to represent preference) displays convex preferences

In conclusion; fuck you too, maths!

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