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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Have You Met Didit Slenthem?

I went to the Affandi exhibit in Ancol a few days back. Didn't even know there was one until we passed the huge banner at the entrance. Basically it showcased a few of the Maestro himself's paintings  and sculptures as well as those of 3 other artists from the Affandi dynasty (that's just what I'm going to call them now, it was either that or posse) which consisted of Kartika, Rukmini and Didit.

While the former two had wonderful pieces, it was Didit's work that drew me. There is something so fantastical about his colour palette and drawing of lines that seemed free yet controlled. His style resembled that of his grandfather yet so distinct and reminded me of something from the French impressionists era. They were whimsical and fluffy but also serene and romantic.

You can see his website here and if you're in Yogyakarta, might as well give the Museum Affandi a visit.

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