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Friday, 13 May 2011

Diplomat, Environmentalist, Broadway Virtuosa

Every once in a while I have a thing that I'm completely obsessed with, not so long ago it was A Single Man and basically the 60s era because it was around the same time they showed the Mad Men marathon on tv. Then on a sleepy afternoon, Pocahontas was on tv and I decided to watch it with no expectations whatsoever. In my defense I saw it soooo long ago and my memory of it has been jumbled up with the second movie which was a bust and The Prince of Egypt (I know right?) that was a wonderful musical experience but still creeped me out regardless.

It was awesome, the animation was gorgeous! Everything moved with such a natural fluidity and the colours were bold and emotive. This one scene where they were basically in the colours of the wind was so breath taking I still see it when i shut my eyes. The musical scores were moving, I actually cried in some of them but not in the same way I did when I heard the covers done by Disney channel stars. I think it's only made such a huge impact this late in life because I've matured a little bit since I last watched. The story and characters were pretty complex, it used to frustrate me that she and John Smith didn't get together because that was supposed to be the fairy tale ending you see in all other Disney movies at the time but now I have so much respect for her decision. Like I said, she's basically a diplomat, an environmentalist and a Broadway virtuosa. AND she has great hair! Such a great role model, I no longer look up to the Chinese cross dresser, sorry Mulan but the fact that you had to pretend to be a man to gain their respect is demeaning to women.

Now I can't wait for the holidays to begin and I can spend my first week lying on the couch, watching every classic Disney animated films until I bleed rainbows and know the lyrics to every single musical number there.

You guysss! Let's all sing along :'D

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